Give Us This Day Prison Outreach

Steven recently turned 60 years old and has spent almost 40 of those years incarcerated. Of Give Us This Day he says, “My faith has been a great stabilizer for my health, sanity, and humanity. Your publication has greatly helped in the solidification of my faith.”

Fr. Diaz is a Prison Chaplain and struggles to find meaningful resources for the inmates he visits. Through the help of Liturgical Press he says, “I am able to help these men to foster positive Godly habits and to learn how to respect and love others.”

We have been overwhelmed by requests from prisoners and Prison Ministers for copies of Give Us This Day. Thanks to generous donations from our subscribers, we are now able to respond with an enthusiastic “YES!” to many of their requests.

As an apostolate of Saint John’s Abbey, a 501(c)(3) organization, Liturgical Press works closely with Prison Chaplains to provide Give Us This Day to the incarcerated. Through the help of dedicated Oblate volunteers and Novices of the Abbey, we respond to the many requests we receive from prisoners asking for gratis subscriptions to Give Us This Day. Volunteers contact Chaplains and arrange for copies to be sent monthly for use in their ministry.

100% of donations we receive go toward providing copies of Give Us This Day to prison ministry programs.

Or call 888-259-8470 to speak to a Customer Service representative.

Contact Information

For more information email or call 800-858-5450 x3055. Our volunteers will respond as soon as possible.

Are you a chaplain working in prison ministry? Would you like gratis copies of Give Us This Day to distribute to people with whom you minister? Click here to make a request.