Morning Intercessions

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Illustration by Frank Kacmarcik, OblSB, Saint John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota. Used with permission.

God of our ancestors, you favored your children Joachim and Anne to parent the Mother of Jesus. With them we pray: Show us the path of life, O God. 

Inspire fruitful dialogue between Pope Francis and the laity.  

     Show us the path of life, O God. 

Increase our awareness and response to the interests andneeds of the young and most vulnerable in the Churchand society.  

     Show us the path of life, O God. 

Deepen our faith in Jesus, and expand our spiritual imagination.  

     Show us the path of life, O God. 

Our Father . . . 

May God bless us with all the gifts of the Spirit we need to grow in love, justice, and holiness, through Jesus our brother. Amen. 

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Sr. Susan Barber, OSB

Sister Susan Barber, OSB, is a member of the Benedictine Community of Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, KS. She received a master’s degree in Music from UMKC and a master’s degree from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Susan is currently the community’s liturgist. She is one of the community’s main organists and pianists. Susan graduated from Souljourners in 2018 and offers retreats at Sophia.

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