Where Is He?

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Illustration by Frank Kacmarcik, OblSB, Saint John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota. Used with permission.

After Jesus’ crucifixion, Mary Magdalene had only wanted to give her Lord a proper burial (see Mark 16:1). She showed great courage when she went to the tomb—and upon finding it empty, she showed hope beyond death in her desire to find Jesus. “Where is he?” she asked the angels and the “gardener.” It was in hearing him say her name, “Mary,” that she recognized the risen Lord. Now no longer in mourning, she is overjoyed, and Jesus sends her to proclaim the Good News that he is alive. 

Today we also ask, “Where is Jesus?” Are we alert and able to recognize his voice calling our name? Sometimes we need to be more attentive to Christ in the sounds of creation—the birds, the wind, a gentle rainfall or crack of thunder. Sometimes Christ speaks to us in silence, joy, laughter, and even the voice of a loved who says our name. The more attentive we are to hearing Jesus call us by name, the likelier it will be that we hear and see him in the young person who feels desperate or the child who is hungry, in the refugee escaping danger, in the teen who is bullied or the person without house or home. Our service to others gives witness to the Good News that Jesus is alive. 

May the spirit of Mary Magdalene enliven our desire to look for the Lord even beyond death to new hope. Today, open your heart and ears to Jesus and listen to his voice as he calls your name. 

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Verónica Rayas

Verónica Rayas serves in ministry at the Diocese of El Paso. She is the director of the Office of Religious Formation, the Casa Guadalupe Retreat Center, and Centro San Juan Diego (an arts, cultural, and formation center for youth). She is a proud native of El Paso, Texas.

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