Do Not Be Afraid

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My heart is alone and confused.  

Jesus has gone away.  

No, he hasn’t. He is closer than before,  

more real than before.  

He had to leave the superficial area of our emotions  

in order to penetrate to the deeper regions of our minds  

and hearts.  

It will ever be thus.  

Remember how often he has been telling us not to be afraid.  

This is the time not to be afraid.  

Jesus’ emotional impact has to retire from the scene  

so that the Spirit can implant him more radically in our  

faculties of knowledge.  

The Spirit’s job is this: to strip away the superficial, the  


and expose the true and adult knowledge of himself that  

Jesus longs to give.  

God has become a man in order to open the depths of himself to us,  

carried on the tide of the Spirit.  

Do not be afraid.  

His impatience is the impatience of the lover,  

and we are never less alone than when he has gone to  

the Father.  

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Miriam Pollard

Miriam Pollard, OCSO, is a Sister of Santa Rita Abbey in Sonoita, Arizona.

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