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“Spend your heart.” That’s what I heard in prayer when waffling over how much of myself to give to some difficult projects. In essence, “Don’t worry about the cost. I will make it work with you.” It is classic “God.” Give generously, and God will work with you. Your generosity melds with God’s, and all sorts of combustible energy gets released.  

Sirach encourages us to not be sparing in our offerings. This applies to the alms we give out of our pockets as much as to those we give from our lives. We come before God, not empty-handed, but with the “tithes” of our experiences, full spectrum. This includes our triumphant successes but also our struggles and shortcomings. These are a part of what we lay on the altar as our gifts of self. God can work wonders with the tatters of our lives. When done with generous hearts, all our actions have the makings of redemption. Freedom can be obtained by standing humbly within our stories.  

So bring it all joyfully and humbly. Submit your scars and your sacrifices, your jubilation and your jollies. Whatever you bring, God will magnify the grace and the blessings in them. Let the learnings from your struggles be fodder for wisdom. You will receive much more back from this generosity. Lavish love and reciprocity are God’s M-O. 

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Nicki Verploegen

Nicki Verploegen, PhD, is cofounder of TATENDA International, a nonprofit that cares for caregivers in troubled areas around the world through retreats and pastoral visits. She is author of Organic Spirituality: A Sixfold Path of Contemplative Living.

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