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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Scripture translation is used in Give Us This Day?
How does Give Us This Day determine which saints’ memorials and feasts to recognize?
How does Give Us This Day determine who to profile in the “Blessed Among Us” feature?
Do you offer discounts for multiple copy subscriptions?

1-year (12 issues) Standard Print Edition*

5–19 copies $29.95

20–49 copies $24.95         

50–199 copies $19.95

200–499 copies $17.95

500+ copies $15.95

* Large Print Edition may be included in your group subscription for only $10 more per Large Print subscription. Call 888-259-8470 for assistance setting up a multiple copy subscription.

Why is it that the prayers and readings used at Mass on some days do not match those in Give Us This Day?
Does Give Us This Day feature the official Liturgy of the Hours?
How can I give the gift of Give Us This Day to someone I know?
Can I get a sample of Give Us This Day for myself or a friend?
Can I request samples for our parish, prayer group, bible study, or other group?
Why can’t I access back issues of my digital subscription?
Do you sell, lease or rent subscriber names?
Why do I receive renewal notices so far ahead of the end of my subscription?

Tech Support FAQ

How do I access the app or online content?


1. Download the app from the app store for your device by searching for "GIVE US THIS DAY"
or if you are viewing this page on your iOS, Android or Kindle Fire, click the corresponding button below:
Available on the App Store Available on Google Play Available on Google Play
2. Once downloaded onto your device, the app will ask you to either log in or create an account. If you have an existing login with your email you can simply login. If you do not have an existing login, click on "create account" and supply an email and password to login. The first time you use the app you will be given a series of sample screens. After swiping through them, the current month's cover will be shown and then the calendar interface where you can select a day to view the content.


1. Go to the "My Account" screen.

2. If you have an online account, login with your account email address and password under “Returning Customers”.
After login you can view the content by clicking on "Digital Edition Login" in the top menu bar.
If you do not have an account, create one by clicking here and using the email address associated with your order. You will be prompted to set up a password.

3. Your Customer ID is located on your shipping label (sample below), on invoices and renewal notices, or you may contact us via phone at 888-259-8470 or email techsupport@litpress.org to obtain it.
How do I navigate within the Digital Edition on my desktop or laptop computer?
When I try to login I get the message: "Username or password not found."
This is caused by an incorrect username or password being entered.

If you have already created a login and need to reset your password, you can click here to do so . Fill in the appropriate field on the screen with the requested information and click "Send Email". If you have entered your email address because you forgot your username, your username will be sent to your email address. If you entered your username because you forgot your password, you will need to enter the answer to your security question and your password will then be emailed to your email address.

If you have not yet created a login, you can create one on the "Create Account" screen, or by clicking on the "Create Account" button on the app version's main screen.
I reset my password. It does not work and I'm certain that it is the right one.
Passwords are case sensitive, so please make sure that your password follows the following criteria:

- At least 6 characters long

- At least one capital letter

- At least one lowercase letter

- At least one number
Will my Give Us This Day account work on other websites?
Yes, you will be able to use the same login information on our other websites:
Liturgical Press, Little Rock Scripture Study, Worship, and Cistercian Publications.
When I click on "Digital Login", I get a "Too many redirects" message
This is most likely the case of an expired login cookie in your browser. To clear your cookies for the browser you are using, choose a link below:

Clear cookies in Chrome

Clear cookies in Firefox

Clear cookies in IE/Edge

Clear cookies in Safari

If you are viewing on a tablet or phone, we highly recommend using the app. Click here to download the app.